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Judy's is a natural products store, packed with the highest quality supplements, health & beauty and natural foods. We feature a fully-certified staff and choose only the "best of the best" product lines because we are small, no room for fillers! We select companies who demonstrate integrity in their manufacturing guidelines, as well as their pricing. If one of the GoodLife lines falls off in quality, we start looking for a better one.

Next door, at GoodLife Too, we offer massage, nutritional counseling and a variety of nutrition, skin care, gardening and natural wellness classes; all taught by certified, or licensed, professionals who are experts in their field.

Meet our natural health professionals

Judy Masters, CNHP, opened the business in 1998. Her intention was to have a small natural products shop that offered cruelty-free, fair trade, organic, all-natural products of all kinds. With the help of her very smart, successful and supportive parents, she found a little 1920's jewelry store, right in her own home town, bought it and restored it. That accomplished, she had to decide what to put in the new natural products store.

Judy loves good coffee, so that was a priority, as were safe cleaning products, organic dairy and wheat/gluten-free foods. She was concerned that so many cosmetics companies conducted cruel testing on innocent animals, so she looked for "clean" products by companies that did not participate in that despicable activity. Also, she believes firmly that you shouldn't put anything ON you that you wouldn't put IN you! Next were the choices in herbs and supplements. There were so many in the mass market, that Judy started looking at specialized lines. She selected a few large companies, with name recognition then focused on some smaller companies with really solid reputations. And so it grew.

Judy's professional background, education and work experience, were unrelated to natural health and natural products. She has liberal arts degrees, teaching experience and systems engineering background, quite a mixed bag for a natural products retailer. Logically, she checked into formal education in the field, and discovered Certified Natural Health Professionals, based nearby in Warsaw, Indiana. The group specializes in information, instruction and certification in the field of natural health practices that do not involve orthodox drugs or surgical procedures. Their philosophy is to "respect an individual's lifestyle choices, while supporting the least invasive methods of health care maintenance." They offer a core of five courses to earn a CNHP, which indicates that the student has completed basic nutrition, anatomy and physiology courses, along with concepts of natural wellness. Judy completed her certification in 2000, and has maintained it through the completion of continuing education capstones every year. In 2007, she was tapped to teach for Certified Natural Health Professionals, as a specialist in Bach Flower Therapies. Her CEU courses are offered throughout the United States, and she has designed three courses for CNHP.

Charly Sholty's background is... and she offers...

Diana Brown has been with Judy's GoodLife Emporium since 2002. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Master Gardener. Diana offers nutritional counseling by appointment. Her special interests are nutritional tinctures and oils as well as organic gardening.

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